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"Parent to Parent" Radio Show
Delaware Parents Educational Association
"Parent to Parent" Radio Show


"Parent to Parent" hosted by Rev. Anthony White
Every Sunday @ 7:00 pm on 1150 AM radio on WDEL

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Show Topics

Show Guests

Airing Date

Parents are the first and most important teachers    
02~ Getting children to read and love it too    
03~ Unique Pre K and kindergarten programs    
04~ The styles and techniques by which children learn    
05~ Using technology as a teaching tool    
06~ The importance of play in school achievement    
07~ Test taking strategies    
08~ At home and fun learning activities    
09~ Helping children build self esteem and confidence    
10~ Federally funded educational support services    
11~ Introducing your child to science    
12~ The correlation between student success and father's involvement    
13~ Maximizing your child's math skills    
14~ Evaluating your child's deficiencies and strengths    

Meet the sponsors    

If you are interested in being a guest on the show or to become a sponser of our Radio Show please email us at or call Bill Weiss at 302-325-1756.