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Membership Page
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2004 Enrichment Program

Delaware Parents Educational Association Membership

For $25.00 a family will receive:
(4) newsletters a year
Referral service for counsling, mentoring, and tutoring
(3) hours of parent/student advocacy service a year
(includes going to a meeting with you)
Emergency intervention for educational services
Discounted workshops at your educational facility in conjunction with PTA/PTO or your school
Use of our library of Radio and TV shows as well as our parental involvement video called "Positive Communications Through Partnership"
Name(s) ___________________________________
Address ___________________________________
Address ___________________________________
Phone ______________________     Fax ______________
Work #____________________     Email ______________
Cell #_____________________
Children(s) Name _____________________________

Cut bottom information and mail along with $25.00 check for membership payable to: Delaware Parents Educational Association * 34 E. Bellamy Drive * New Castle, DE 19720