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2004 Enrichment Program

Delaware Parents Educational Association Workshops

Workshop Fee $200.00
(members and sponsors receive 20% discount)
1.) Bridging the achievement gap
2.) Reading First/The Benefits
3.) Title I: Assisting students to succeed
4.) Community involvement and student achievement
5.) Innovative strategies for handling non-compliant and oppositional students
6.) Maximizing the potential of elementary school girls
7.) Families with absent fathers
8.) Father involvement
9.) Easy discipline techniques
10.) How school administration is designed
11.) School problems made easy
12.) Market your school events for participation
13.) Easy self-help tips for parenting and school success
14.) Open forum for your choice of topic
Contact Name: _______________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________
Phone #: ___________________________________________________
Fax #: _____________________________________________________
Cell #: _____________________________________________________
Email: ______________________________________________________
Workshop Choice: ____________________________________________

Cut information and make check payable to: Delaware Parents Educational Association * New Castle * DE 19720